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The GETONIES consortium was established through the IMISCOE network. The IMISCOE network of excellence (NOE), is comprised of a wide ranging and distinguished team of experts in the field of migration studies, from 22 established European research institutes, with the goal of developing a research programme on migration, integration and social cohesion. The project coordinators FLUL (Geography Department/CEG) are leaders of one of the thematic clusters (cluster B5) that structure the work of the network. Five of the consortium members are either members or associate members of IMISCOE and specifically of cluster B5 (Social Integration and Mobility, Education, Housing and Health). The building of the GEITONIES consortium and the development of the research agenda (in response to the clusters state of the art report) was facilitated during cluster B5 workshops, representing direct outputs from previous workpackages. The 6 IMISCOE “cluster B5” workshops held in the last three years have resulted in the creation of strong working relations between the consortium members, the development of the current research objectives and proposed methodological tools. Furthermore, IMES (University of Amsterdam), a lead partner in the current project, is the institutional co-ordinator of IMISCOE.
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